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About Us


A dynamic, full-service residential and commercial brokerage. As a boutique brokerage, Gimlet Realty's focus rests on client representation. Accomplished by providing our agents and clients with unsurpassed support and education from a hands-on executive management team with years in and around the real estate industry. 

Technology changes the landscape of many industries, and real estate is no exception. As we head into this ever changing era, it is apparent that real estate is impacted by these tremendous changes; however, we at Gimlet Realty believe the face-face aspects of negotiations and client representation, which are left out of deals today, are EXTREMELY VITAL to EVERY transaction and to the continued growth and development of agents. As such, our selective embrace of proprietary technology focuses to improve and assist the back-end processes and educate our agents of the essential soft skills such that more face-face time can be afforded per agent rather than left out. We believe empathetic agents improve their listening skills to hear our client's needs which in turn build insights to market analysis, competitive listings, and improved alignment of property selection for our clients yielding increased customer satisfaction. 

Real estate veteran Peter Young, will focus on bringing the personal touch and “TRUE” negotiations back to the technology driven industry. We will accomplish this through extensive coaching, training, utilizing technology (when appropriate), and management accessibility to ALL agents within the company.



Gimlet Realty - Serving Phoenix, Az and surrounding areas.

(602) 212-6700

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